Tree Pruning

Professional Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning can give an old tree a new fresh look!

Tree Pruning | Intensive Tree Care Service

Tree Pruning | Intensive Tree Care Service

A grand old tree is a wonderful site in anyone’s garden. They provide shade and shelter on hot days and add natural beauty to the surrounding area.  They attract many different types of wildlife and they’re vital to our wellbeing. Trees can also add considerable value to your property.

On the other hand, trees that aren’t properly pruned or maintained can be a real menace and eye sore.  They can obstruct your views, restrict paths and driveway access, stop light coming through windows, fill gutters with leaves, and overhang your roof or your neighbours.

Tree limbs that can come into contact with electrical and other cabling can be outright dangerous. In heavy winds or severe storms large branches pose a real threat to property damage.


Professional Tree Pruning and Trimming Services

Intensive Tree Care Service can keep your trees in tip-top condition.

Our fully qualified staff will prune your trees to enhancing your garden. Not only will your trees look better but also with strategic pruning, it will encourage new and healthy growth as well as helping the tree remain structurally sound!


Tree Pruning Advice

Before we start pruning we always ask our clients questions about their tree and what result they would like to achieve, whilst also taking into account any council stipulations. This helps us make the correct decision about the tree and keep all parties happy. We pay attention to your thoughts, ideas and concerns and will advise you on the best options available to you.

Tree Pruning for a healthy garden

Tree pruning or trimming can:

  • Remove dead or storm damaged branches
  • Improve the look of your tree and garden
  • Improve light penetration
  • Enhance your views
  • Promote new growth
  • Reduce tree height and/or weight
  • Remove Cocos Palm seed pods
  • Extend the life of the tree


Tree Pruning | Deadwooding | Intensive Tree Care Service

Tree Pruning | Deadwooding | Intensive Tree Care Service

At Intensive Tree Care Service, all our pruning is performed by qualified arborists, without the use of climbing spikes, which means there is no unnecessary wounding of the tree.

Our techniques also conform to council regulations and the Australian standards 4373/2007 the pruning of Amenity Trees.


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With Professional Tree Pruning from Intensive Tree Care Service your trees will always look their best.

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Tree Pruning