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Tree Removal Sydney

Tree removal is not always an easy decision to make and should not be taken lightly, but when you need a tree removed, you need it done by a specialist. For a professional and safe job, Intensive Tree Care Service will take care of your Tree Removal within Sydney.

At Intensive Tree Care Service we practice the safest methods and current techniques for tree removal. Our Arborists will determine a cost effective method for a tree removal without compromising professionalism or quality of work.

All living things have a natural life expectancy and trees are no exception to this rule. Some trees can live well over a thousand years but for the majority of trees it’s much shorter.

Many factors can result in the unfortunate removal of a tree. Whilst we can examine other options, sometimes it is unavoidable,

such as;

  • The tree is completely dead, or in severe decline
  • It may have a fungal disease or a structural defect
  • It may be the wrong specimen for that particular location
  • It may be a potential danger/hazard
  • It may be causing damage to your home foundations or underground pipes


Our qualified and experienced Arborists at Intensive Tree Care Service have all the necessary equipment, along with the ability and confidence to carry out safe tree removal at all times. This ensures no injury to the public or our staff, as well as no damage to your property throughout the whole process.

Tree Removal Sydney | Intensive Tree Care Service

Tree Removal Sydney | Intensive Tree Care Service

We use the most up to date tree removal techniques and equipment and can remove even the largest of trees. Our qualified tree climbers will access trees in the most difficult of areas with little disruption to you or your property.

Our focus is always on the safety of everyone around together with all surrounding property. You can also be assured that we will always leave your place looking neat and tidy.

Intensive Tree Care Service will safely carry out tree removal in Sydney. Click on the Contact Us button and fill in the form, or call us now on, 0414 616 614

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Tree Removal Sydney